Corrosion-Resistant Petrochemical Tubing Solutions

TSC Tube offers tailor-made stainless tubes to accommodate an assortment of petrochemical applications including, but not limited to the following applications:

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    Oil Equipment

    We meet the demands of the oil industry with our certified stainless steel tubes that are resistant to corrosion. Our tubes are applicable to gas piping, petroleum piping, process piping, steam piping, and many more applications. With our comprehensive fabricating services and advanced equipment, we can meet your unique demands for tight tolerance of outer diameter and wall thickness.

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    Chemical Equipment

    TSC Tube has the toughest stainless steel tubes that can work in the most demanding applications, such as pressure vessels and chemical plants. Our products can withstand corrosive substances that are common in the industry. Special requirements for precision, ductility, yield strength, tensile strength and other mechanical properties can be perfectly satisfied with our professional fabricating services.

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Highlighted Features of Our Petrochemical Tubes

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    High Pressure

    Our tubes are PED4.3 certified, complying with the requirements of the applicable ASME/ASTM material standard of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

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    Absolute Seal

    TSC Tube products guarantee zero-leakage performance for static and dynamic seals, able to withstand high temperature and high pressure environments.

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    High Precision

    For various applications, we offer mechanical tubing that can be manufactured with tight control of any standard or non-standard OD, ID, or wall thickness dimensions.

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    High Strength

    The materials we use are selected for their reliability and durability. They can serve for a lifetime and can provide high performance for the most demanding applications.

Custom-Made Petrochemical Tube Products

TSC Tube excels in providing custom tubing solutions for many different markets. To suit your specifications, we custom produce our stainless tubes, which are available in straight length or coiled form in a wide range of sizes, outer diameters and wall thicknesses.

Our fabricating capabilities are excellent through the advanced techniques and equipment we import from Germany that increase productivity significantly. The fabricating services we have include but are not limit to welding, pilgering, annealing, deburring, and polishing.

We are able to provide all of these benefits and ensure quality through a rigorous inspection process before delivery. We always bring our products within a short lead time and at competitive prices. If your business needs a tubing solution, contact us for premium and cost-effective tubes.

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