High-Performance Industrial Tubing Solutions

TSC Tube offers customizable stainless tubes to accommodate a wide variety of industrial applications including, but not limited to the following applications:

  • Industrial Tubes

    Automotive Parts & Components

    TSC Tube provides stainless automotive parts that keep vehicles functioning smoothly and maintaining optimum performance in extreme conditions. Our products are commonly applied as exhaust pipes, oil pipes, structural pipes, and many more automotive components. A full range of custom options are available to meet your requirements for precision tolerance and processability.

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    Heat Exchanger Tubes

    TSC’s stainless tubes are AD2000/PED4.3 certified to withstand high pressure and ensure zero-leakage performance, perfectly fit for heat exchangers in various applications, such as industrial washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, and water chillers. The tubing solutions we develop for you offer excellent mechanical properties and tight tolerance of outer diameter and wall thickness.

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    Condenser Tubes

    TSC Tube factory manufactures high-quality condenser tubes to effectively reduce tube stresses and address thermal shock conditions commonly seen in steam heating systems. Our tubes are available in various shapes and sizes, produced to meet or exceed rigorous industry standards, and fabricated to meet your unique requirements for precision, ductility and yield strength.

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Highlighted Features of Our Industrial Tubes

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    High Precision

    For various applications, we offer mechanical tubing that can be manufactured with tight control of any standard or non-standard OD, ID, or wall thickness dimensions.

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    High Pressure

    Our tubes are PED4.3 certified and complied with the requirement of the applicable ASME/ASTM material standard of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

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    Absolute Seal

    TSC Tube’s products guarantee zero-leakage performance for static and dynamic seals, able to withstand high temperature and high-pressure environments.

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    High Strength

    The materials we use are selected for their reliability and durability. They can serve for a lifetime and can provide high performance for the most demanding applications.

Custom-Made Industrial Tube Products

TSC Tube delivers on AD2000/PED4.3 certified parts and components that help with the operation of millions of vehicles. We offer you stainless steel tubing in straight length or coiled form in a variety of shapes and sizes. When you make an order from us, our tubes are also suitable for secondary fabrication – such as bending, corrugating, punching, and flaring – to suit different needs of your markets.

Our company is ISO-certified and specializes in high-performance tube fabrication that helps us exceed the competition. All fabrication processes like roll forming, welding, pilgering, annealing, straightening, cutting, polishing, and laser marking are done online and automatically.

TSC Tube uses advanced equipment from Germany and leverages our production expertise to process your orders efficiently. Our unique raw material supply network also enables us to offer competitive prices for our premium products. Once you order from us, within a short lead time, we deliver top quality tubes for your business. Contact us now for dependable custom tubing solutions.

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