Shaping & Cutting

TSC Tube’s stainless tubing can be produced in almost any profile and any length. To ensure our tubes meet or exceed the specifications and additional standards as specified by your industry, we will ensure quality sizing and cutting for your tube products.

  • Flexible shaping.
  • Exact sizing and cutting.
  • Meeting dimensional accuracy.

Our cutting department has the ability and flexibility to cut stainless tubes or pipes to different shapes and sizes according to the specific needs of your markets.

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Shaping & Cutting Processes

The cutting method we use is viable for cutting a variety of shapes, such as squares, rectangles, channels, etc.

  • Fully automatic for cutting metal tubes and pipes.
  • Excellent for large-volume cutting.
  • Possible to cut any material length.

Shaping & Cutting Gallery

Here are a few examples of how a stainless steel tube or pipe may look after the shaping and cutting process.

  • P03 4 S04 pic1
  • P03 4 S04 pic2
  • P03 4 S04 pic3

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