Pilgering is a cold working process that greatly improves the tubing’s microstructure.

  • Quickly reducing the tubing’s outside diameter, inside diameter and wall thickness.
  • Processing very high volumes of tubes and pipes.
  • Providing improved cleanliness and hygiene benefits.

TSC Tube factory employs top-notch techniques and equipment to to efficiently meet your pilgering requirements, however specific they might be. All our fabricating services are offered at the highest quality levels possible.

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Pilgering Process

Two key components of a pilgering press are essential in reducing a tube’s diameter to the desired size.

  • A conical mandrel fits inside the tube to perfect the tube’s weld seam and inside diameter.
  • Ring dies roll over the outside of the tube to shape the metal tubing.



P03 2 S03 Pilgering Process

Pilgering Gallery

Here are a few examples of how a stainless steel tube or pipe may look after the pilgering process.

  • P03 2 S04 pic1
  • P03 2 S04 pic2
  • P03 2 S04 pic3

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