Grinding & Chamfering

TSC Tube’s grinding and chamfering operations make our tubing better meet the needs of hygienic and commercial applications.

  • Providing better surface finish.
  • Eliminating sharp edges.
  • Providing improved dimensional accuracy.

Our top-notch grinding and chamfering techniques and equipment allow us to offer superior tubing solutions to fit your needs. All our fabricating services are offered at the highest quality levels possible.

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Grinding & Chamfering Processes

Precise controls are used to ensure a uniform size and smooth edge with an extremely high-quality surface finish.

  • Minor imperfections are removed from the OD to improve the smoothness of the tube surface.
  • A cut is made along an edge of tubing to remove shape edges and ease assembly.
P03 Grinding
P03Chamfering 1

Grinding & Chamfering Gallery

Here are a few examples of how a stainless steel tube or pipe may look after the grinding and chamfering processes.

  • P03 6 S04 pic1
  • P03 6 S04 pic2
  • P03 6 S04 pic3

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