The deburring process can produce smooth edges, high-quality finishes, better-looking appearance on the tubing. Deburring also allows complete removal of burrs from tube surfaces as well as interior and exterior edges.

  • Producing high-quality finishes.
  • Removing sharp, dangerous burrs.
  • Producing a smooth edge.

TSC Tube factory has top-notch deburring machines and techniques to make sure your tubes are ready for smooth processing downstream.

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Deburring Process

The deburring tools built by our own factory are effective in reducing mechanical and thermal burrs.

  • Getting rid of burrs inside and outside the tubing.
  • Done in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.


P03 Deburring 2

Deburring Gallery

Here are a few examples of how a stainless steel tube or pipe may look after the deburring process.

  • P03 5 S04 pic1
  • P03 5 S04 pic2
  • P03 5 S04 pic3

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