Annealing, or heat treatment, is a value-added process that can significantly improve the tubing’s mechanical properties. More benefits include:

  • More ductility.
  • Lower yield strength and tensile strength.
  • Improved machining and forming operations.

With advanced annealing techniques and machines from Germany, TSC Tube can quickly and efficiently meet your requirements for annealing. All our fabricating services are offered at the highest quality levels possible.

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Annealing Process

Annealing softens a metal for cold working and improves its machinability through certain processes such as heating, heat preservation and cooling.

  • Hydrogen-protected annealing also ensures a glossy surface on the metal.


P03 3 S03 Annealing Process

Annealing Gallery

Here are a few examples of how a stainless steel tube or pipe may look after the annealing process.

  • P03 3 S04 pic1
  • P03 3 S04 pic2
  • P03 3 S04 pic3

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